XXXTENTACION – M011Y “Freestyle” Lyrics

Im sippin sawty they pimpin ya
?? breaking my ?? I got it you want it ya. came with a tec
Aim for your neck fuck a nigga bitch, swear im the the shit
But i be bitter
Hating the bitch, slapping the bitch , dick slapping the bitch
Realest nigga out goddamn im the shit
Bitch my nigga im mobbin. the hoe and they noticed. Xanax instead of oxygen in a world full these moccasins
Opsidus, exodus, percocets … with a little little nigga cop a no get drunk, then have a nigga fuck you in the throat littlebit of weed, littlebit of coke, roll roads hit your throat
Cocky on the low put a gun to your throat
It’s post temptation, let’s take this shit, embrace place then rape the bitch
U gang this shit so crisp my wrist so slit up shit I think I pissed and shit my pants
Yo mans ain’t shit, fuck a bitch little lick … little tipsy breeze od smoke go3 oh me oh my hoe shit die
Your momma should of swallowed you bitch pls die
Fist fight, die young, piece strung, tree hung
??? these niggas is focused
These niggas be trippin. slump up shawty, your bitch she want the 40s so I hit her with molly
That baby ain’t mine, I am really about the crime Im just really about the murder
Bitch give her fucking time
I be out my damn mind
I be all up in my zone
Smoking dope with yo hoe I put it you want it
My niggas is swerving, they came where the 40s are
Locking this down, came for your niggas im fucking up sounds
Raping the bitch
Raping the bodies
??? to the heroin if you better sin, better grin, better lean
Could it better, could it done it better whatever the weather yo hoe know the chatter its coming no better no better no better these niggas know better
I got it I came with a nigga you noticed
??? vigorous niggas that hated my mothers, vigorous niggas that hated my mothers
As black castles back in the past
Faster then ever
They hated niggas be basic niggas just face it
Niggas be mellow I hate it I sling on my jellow
Whatever the weather Im coming for cheddar your hoe no
Hate it bitch call me lucid for the fo
Aim for you feet.

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