Whole Lot

Lyrics to ‘Whole Lot’ by 21 Savage:

–21 Savage & Young Thug–
Nigga made a whole lotta guala
Now I got a whole lotta problems
Main bitch fuckin’ my partner
Nigga, we ain’t trippin’, we ballin’
And I got a whole lotta shawties
Hang around a whole lotta robbers
And I got a bad bitch callin’
Put a bad bitch in college
Catch a nigga ridin’ down College (skrt skrt)
Catch a nigga ridin’ down [?]
We ain’t talkin’ ’bout it, we [?]
We don’t talk about it, we [?]
Straight up out the gutter, we charted
Straight up out the gutter, we heartless
I’m a street nigga and a artist
And I’m gon’ hit my targets
VVS’s drippin’ off my chain, hoe
I be in them places that you can’t go
I brother down the road on tango (I still see him)
You rap niggas sweeter than a mango
TEC on me with the coolie on it
I’ma fuck around and squeeze (ooh)
Pain runnin’ through my veins
I don’t want the fame, I just wanna eat (ooh)
Rap niggas callin’ my phone
Fuck these niggas

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