Where can I complain about spam calls and SMS advertising?

Can an operator block a regular number by mistake? To complain about spam advertising, you need to fill out an online form on the websites of FAS Russia and three telecom operators – MTS, Tele2,  Megaphone. How to report spam? You will also need to select a convenient method for feedback with the operator. This was reported by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS). MTS and Tele2 — this is sms and e-mail (optional). Tele2 and MTS also confirmed the media that the risk of erroneous blocking is minimal. Moreover, Tele2 clarified that within the framework of contractual relations there is an exchange of information between operators about complaints and problems related to unauthorized calls to customers. ;Rossiyskaya Gazeta».  Megafon asks you to specify both options in the application. 
The Federal Antimonopoly Service emphasized that ""in the near future the service will start working on the websites of other operators". 
How soon will the operator block spam? “Unwanted ads are expected to be blocked within 72 hours,” noted in the department. Sources of information:
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Истoчник aif.ru A service for filing complaints about telephone spam has been launched in Russia. “Using a special form, a subscriber can leave a complaint about voice or SMS advertising received without his consent, and promptly receive a response from his operator”, – said in the department's Telegram channel. "The system, which works on the basis of big data, carefully analyzes all complaints and call sources and blocks only unreliable numbers," said Sergei Khrenov, Director of Fraud and Loss of Revenue Prevention at Megafon, in an interview. In the application, you must specify:

last name, first name, patronymic;
phone number under the agreement with the operator;
date of receipt of SMS or voice advertisement;
text of the advertisement or its screenshot;
the number or name from which the spam was received. Telecom operators believe that blocking a number that is not related to spam advertising (even if it has received a complaint) is impossible, since the number is checked by several parameters, including the spam database and the number of complaints about this number received from other subscribers. The operator will consider the application within three days. If the call is indeed identified as unauthorized, the operator will block the number.

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