Weather Girls – Hope Lyrics

That the world is coming apart
Just like the heart that’s nearly broken, broken in two
Hope still comes through
Hope, without her you can’t win
But with her you’ll begin… come on… everybody
Start believing in hope
Just look around you, you can set your spirit free
Just look around you, you can change your destiny
A world that’s losing control
Still has a soul that won’t stop beating
Once you start believing in hope
Believe (believe)
All you have to do is believe (believe)
And the hope will come through
Hope will never let you down WEATHER GIRLSHope Lyrics
Hope, she lets you know she cares
Hope, she’s never far behind
Trust me and you will find, she’s everywhere
Always there in times of trouble
Hope, would never hurt you
Hope, would not desert you
Hope, she’d never let you down
Hope, without her you can’t win
But with her you begin to realize
That through her eyes you’ll see the sunrise
Just look around you, there’s trouble in the air
Look at the people, doesn’t anybody care?

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