Tyler Childers – I Swear (To God) (Purgatory Album)

I only had a couple drinks last night
And few good hits from a elder pipe
And I must admit i had a few white lines
And I don’t know what all happened
I woke up in the noon timeline
With a pound’in head
Shiner on my eye
I don’t know how and i dont know why
But it feels like fears of abobandoment
Workin on and building out a [?] hand new brimstone
Working on it and im building on it all alone
There ain’t nobody in my room tonight
Goodnight honey
Honey sleep tight
Ma i swear im doing alright, but when the evning comes around i swear to god
Pay no mind to the words i say
Cuz there ain’t no countin anyway
I’ve been ramblin round and led astray
By the pals that i’ve been choosing
Cutting tires tires like a forest fire[?]

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