Tle Cinco – Go Hard Or Go Home Lyrics

You gotta go hard or go home
Bein’ with your dawg right or wrong (Wrong)
On ‘cassion   write,   makin’ songs, I   got through some shit all alone   (All alone)
This shit it just just hit me like bombs
I do what I do, get the cash and I’m gone
Gotta watch how I talk, puttin’ these tap on my phone
They just hate to see that young black hustle on
I, I shoot like a dice game
I shoot with precise aim (Precise aim)
You dead, do the right thing (Precise aim)
Go hard and got ice veins (Ice veins)
Another nigga, fake nigga might change (Might change)
I’m doin’ the dash all at my line
I do this for cash, I’on’t like fame
I’m dripping like Codeine, it might rain
Oh, yah
I took out with caution, I feel like a martian
I’m smooth like LJ what he did to Milwaukee
I don’t do no talkin’ so just get to walkin’
See nothin’ but cash, get in a bus like we’re walkin’
My earrings on floss, got jewels up for auction
Still watch how you talkin’, that shit there might cost ya
Now she diggin’, she tryna f**k, jack up my posture
And I really do this shit, I need an Oscar
I copped me a Benz and I got a new spot and I changed up the wardrobe
I’m gettin’ that cash in a rush, though
And we got these niggas hangin’, for what though (Let’s go)
Bitch, I’m a demon, I only come out at the nighttime
These niggas cap but they like how I
Keep it one hunnit, for lifetime
Don’t gotta flex to me, cut you off, on lifeline
These niggas’ lifestyles not like mine
I went and copped the Rollie takin’ off at the right time
Yeah, it’s a whole bunch of style but they bite mine
No cap rap, I don’t write mine
These niggas wanna survive, did they grow up on my time
These here another level vibe, I be high-jumps lifestyle
Raw breed, if you search you might not find (Not find)
I’m talkin’ bags, cash, these niggas trash
I’m gonna get the last laugh
I’m on their ass, yeah
I am who I am, because of my past, yeah
I know people mad, yeah
‘Cause I got that bag, I have it racked, now
Locked in, clocked down like a gator
Bitch, I’m sharp, on point like a razor
Don’t die of static, raw status, I got star status
Ball status, mom status, we want all status
Law less than a hunnid shots, we let y’all have it
Hoes are ratchet, bitch I ball like 18 ball baskets
Once there buy my own weapon
Backwoods weed and smoke that cabin
I’m up like I’m on all addies
Play, he get zipped up, casket
I had to cut her off, naggin’
I had to pop the Perc’ just to balance
Drippin’ Balenci and not rockin’ no Ballys
I come from the south used to post up the [?]
Yeah, yeah
On the star status
I get tragic, we gon’ run down with the stick

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