Tism – Existentialtism Lyrics

I’ll take responsibility for my inner most wishes,
But I’ll be buggered if I’ll do the dishes. Now my baby’s left me, she’s walked out the door,
She said she won’t touch my six inch gold blade anymore. Simone de Boviour? I love her ‘cos I hate the stinking bitch –
She’s like a train – or a horse – I forget which. John Paul Sartre? TISMExistentialtism Lyrics
You know, me and my baby, no couple like us;
We got our Sartre, we got our Camus. Chorus:
Who cleans the home? I’m aware that One can never really know Other –
But f**k existentialism, I’m going back to mother. I’m the outsider, not for me conventional law
(Though here’s a tip – the book’s a bore ).

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