Tina Dico – The Road Lyrics

TINA DICOThe Road Lyrics
Driving up the coast
Eyes on the road
Nowhere in particular to go
Eyes on the road
You ask me what’s my philosophy
And I say ”Well, there is one thing I know about being
It’s not about taming your pain and your fear and your
You gotta let’em all loose and surrender to life’s
Eyes on the road
The road…
She quoted one of my saddest songs
The day she broke your sacred heart
She said ”I don’t know which I prefer: to stay or go
But I’ve decided on the road”
You ask me what is my advice
And it’s true I’ve been down this road once or twice
And there are things you can’t change and defeats you
can’t deny
And you’ll waste your time and your life and your love if
you try
Eyes on the road
The road…

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