The US ambassador said he was waiting for Moscow’s response to security proposals

The spokesman noted that “the president has all the papers” and it will take time to analyze them. However, the letter allows you to count on the beginning of a “serious conversation”; on secondary points. Commenting on the fact that the Russian authorities deny the possibility of an attack on Ukraine, Sullivan replied that “the facts” on the ground ” testify to the contrary. At the same time, economic sanctions— this is just one aspect of the West's reaction to Russia's possible actions towards Ukraine. At the same time, the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry called the US written response “a model of diplomatic decency.” compared to the document that Moscow received from NATO. According to Sullivan, the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project will also be affected in the event of an attack on Ukraine. Commenting on their content, Lavrov stated that the document does not contain a positive reaction on the main issue for Russia— the demand for NATO's non-expansion to the east. After that, a new contact between Minister Lavrov and Secretary of State Blinken is possible

John Sullivan
The US response to Russian proposals on security guarantees paves the way for diplomacy and de-escalation, Washington is waiting for Moscow's reaction to the document, US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan said during an online briefing. He recalled that the American document contains proposals for measures for mutual transparency including weapons in Ukraine, military exercises and maneuvers in Europe, and potential arms control measures, including in Europe. Subscribe to VK RBC Get news faster than anyone else

Истoчник Lavrov and Blinken spoke about the possibility of such contact after their personal meeting in Geneva on January 21. The ambassador stressed that the US responses also take into account a number of Russia's concerns. “We will wait to see what the reaction and response of Russia will be. And after that, a discussion can take place— telephone conversation or meeting— I don't know, it's not agreed yet. “If Russia carries out aggression against Ukraine and violates its sovereignty, then huge economic consequences await it,” — he said. Sullivan delivered written US responses to Russian proposals for security guarantees on the evening of January 26 to Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko. The Kremlin, in turn, urged not to rush to conclusions on the US security responses. As long as it exists, but gas is not supplied through it, Russia does not receive profit, it can be used as a lever of pressure on Moscow. “The answer from NATO is so ideological, it breathes so much with the exclusivity of the North Atlantic Alliance, its special mission, its special purpose, that I was just a little ashamed of those who wrote these texts,” — said the minister in an interview with Russian radio stations on Friday. US Ambassador Sullivan: Washington awaits Moscow's response to security proposals Washington is awaiting Moscow's response to written responses to security guarantees, US Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan said. Previously, Secretary of State Blinken used both formats to communicate with Minister Lavrov,— Sullivan said. “Economic Sanctions” just one aspect of the answers given by President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken, — said Sullivan.

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