The political scientist did not rule out the repetition of the tragic events in Kazakhstan

The political scientist considers the conditionally “imperial” option to be the most optimal course of action. Otherwise, relapses are possible. The main problem in Russia's relations and Kazakhstan, the political scientist called the lack of a clear foreign policy concept in relation to Kazakhstan. Photo: Frame from video
One of the options for the further development of events in Kazakhstan, the analyst believes, is – “temporary lull, regrouping of militant forces and a new attack in an unexpected place.” “Since both the social basis for the protest and the criminal-Islamic fronde will be preserved,” says Yuri Solozobov's article, which was published in the National Defense magazine. Among the main reasons for what happened in Kazakhstan, the political scientist named the following: dual power – Kazakhstan found itself in a situation of a protracted transit of power; poverty – Kazakhstan's abundant petrodollar revenues were distributed extremely unevenly; radicalism – with great social tension and a gap in incomes, a craving for social justice inevitably appears. “In Russia, they no longer understand what is happening in the post-Soviet space”
From the tragic events in Kazakhstan in early January, it is important to draw the right conclusions not only for the leadership of the republic, but also in Russia and the CSTO. The land border is actually open. New footage of the defeated Almaty after the riot in Kazakhstan

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Истoчник Yuri Solozobov explained why Kazakhstan – a key element in ensuring strategic security for Russia. This is the opinion of a political scientist, director of international projects at the Institute of National Strategy Yuri Solozobov. It makes sense, the expert believes, to locate the CSTO Regional Headquarters in Kazakhstan – at the Zhetygen military airfield (formerly Nikolaevka), 50 km northeast of Alma-Ata. The political scientist proposed developing CSTO ties with Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. “The policy towards the most important partner in the EAEU is often subjective and even sometimes spontaneous, it does not take into account either the real interests of the Russian Federation or the allied interests of the partner countries,” the political scientist concluded. The demographic boom has led to the fact that more than half of the population – youth born after the collapse of the USSR. With this country, we have the longest common border in the world – more than 7,500 km. The destabilization of Kazakhstan immediately gives the militants access to the Trans-Siberian Railway, the Volga region, and oil and gas regions. He believes that the direct strengthening of the Russian group in Kazakhstan will also not lead to anything good, since “it will lead to regular attacks on the Russian military and further to the revival of the Basmachi movement. In this scenario, in the light of Tokayev's announcement, ” campaign against the oligarchs, help from shadow sponsors will increase, new phases will be required  counter-terrorist operation until “the infrastructure of terror is destroyed and funding channels are cut off.”
“Only every new entry of” peacekeepers on call ” will take place in a more dangerous environment and on much worse conditions,” the expert predicts. Taking into account the fact that the CSTO peacekeepers played an important role in stabilizing the situation, the political scientist proposed to increase the number of CSTO peacekeeping forces from 3.6 thousand military personnel to 10 thousand people. The proportion of marginalized youth is large – natives of the village, where criminal groups and communities of radical Islam thrive. variant – “the planned development of a large area with an initially toxic and even hostile atmosphere.” “We have come to that dangerous frontier, which showed that with one swoop – propaganda, special operations and handshakes – not solve all the accumulated problems,” the political scientist noted.

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