The Kremlin appreciated the words of Lukashenka about the possible blocking of gas transit

Lukashenka’s interview in Moscow was treated with understanding. “ Putin expressed understanding of these tough answers, but, on the other hand, the president, of course, expects that this will in no way disrupt the fulfillment of our obligations to European gas recipients '', & mdash; Peskov said. Who will you close to the detriment? In Poland, Belarus is accused of deliberately provoking a border crisis by directing refugee flows to those areas in Grodno areas where there are no official crossings. The presidential press secretary recalled the words of Putin, who explained Minsk's tough counter-reaction as “ completely unjustified pressure on Belarus. ''

Earlier, Lukashenko in an interview with RIA Novosti stated that Belarus is ready to stop the transit of energy resources to Europe if Poland fulfills its threat and closes the border. Warsaw allowed a complete cessation of trade and a ban on the movement of people between countries. To yourself? Subscribe to FB RBC Receive news faster than anyone

Истoчник Minsk denies accusations against them, accusing Warsaw of inhuman treatment of refugees. “ Listen, when the Poles or some other Poles strangle me, will I look at some contracts? Think about how you will buy energy resources from Russia & raquo;, & mdash; he added. The Polish authorities announced the possible closure of the border with Belarus in connection with the migration crisis that occurred in early November. At the same time, they expressed the hope that obligations to European partners will not be thwarted

Russian President Vladimir Putin reacted with understanding to the statement of Alexander Lukashenko that Belarus can stop the transit of energy resources to Europe. The press secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov told reporters about this, Interfax reports.

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