The expert told who will have to work on May holidays

On the May holidays, not all Russians will be able to relax — employees with a rolling schedule will work, employees of continuously operating organizations, including the life support sector, told the Moscow 24 TV channel founder of the Institute of Professional Personnel Officer Valentina Mitrofanova. Employees with a flexible schedule will be able to count on double wages only for May 1 and 9. «Housing and communal services, energy, water utilities. Street cleaning services, transport and medical organizations will work, — she listed. Истoчник Earlier, meteorologists warned that the beginning of May in the central part of Russia would be cool, the temperature would be below the climatic norm. Since the pre-holiday days fall on the weekend, the working day shortened by an hour will affect those who will work on April 30 ( Saturday) and May 8 (Sunday). The expert explained that only those who are needed for life support will go to work in these organizations. If, however, those who work five days a week are involved in the work, they are entitled to an increased salary for any day off.

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