“The European left would have dealt with a hunter in its ranks in 10 minutes.”

Unlike politicians who are trying to solve their momentary tasks at the expense of frightened people. But these young people perceive Zyuganov's party as a kind of relic, and nothing more. Although the information itself about the license for elk hunting, which allegedly was available and costs 80-100 thousand rubles, is unlikely to please the “age” nuclear electorate. In the sphere of basic ideology, Gennady Zyuganov's party simply failed – the protection of the proletariat in view of its disappearance is not relevant, and nothing long-term is offered in return. Moreover, it is in the ideas that Gennady Zyuganov sees the reason for the persecution of the unlucky head of the Moscow City Party Committee. As for the first, as Aleksey Martynov noted, the point is not in Rashkin, but in the party. This concerned the issues of the pension system and the monetization of benefits, and now the fight against the pandemic. As for the ideas and agenda, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation has recently chosen as the central topics, which, according to Alexander Asafov, do not have a worthy practical solution. This idea was supported by the political scientist Anna Fedorova. The head of the EISI Expert Council Gleb Kuznetsov spoke more specifically about the ideological baggage that the Communist Party has. there is little new here per year. According to Sergei Shmidt, associate professor of the Department of World History and International Relations of the ISU, who participated in the round table, by the way, in the opinion of the party organization, he was also “not guilty of anything”: at the request of the residents, he shot a sleeping crank bear in a den./p>
Taking into account the Irkutsk experience, as suggested by Sergei Schmidt, the party leadership may try to present Valery Rashkin as a martyr for his ideas. Now everything has degenerated, the expert believes, into open political business, mandates to oligarchs and receiving political rent from the status of a conditional opposition. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation does not see anything shameful here – there and Brezhnev was a hunter, etc. But for the Communist Party, some members of which declare incomes of 1.5 billion rubles. He noted that in reality the party today is not so much left-wing as right-conservative, and its ideological cousins ​​are more likely the US Republican Party or British conservatives. In his opinion, the party for a long time, contrary to common sense, supported various fantastic versions about the incident with Rashkin: not he, not a moose, etc. Photo: Gennady Cherkasov
Speaking about the ideological crisis in the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, political scientist Alexander Asafov began not even with the essence of ideas, but with the approach practiced by the party, which implies not developing an adequate response to events, but creating some kind of alternative information reality. During the discussion at the “round table” organized by the Expert Institute for Social Research, the personnel and ideological crisis of the party was discussed. The bottom line: the party, due to its proprietary approaches to resolving such situations, showed itself not from the best side for all its electorates – both the nuclear existing and the possible ideological Marxist. The Communist Party of the Russian Federation has nothing to do with Marxism or anything like that, it is “a party of bosses that draws samples from the past.”
Director of the Institute of Newest States Alexei Martynov, in turn, recalled that even if the Communist Party were indeed the heir to the Communist Party of the USSR, there would be nothing special to inherit – Marxism in the USSR was already bad by the 80s of the last century. According to the expert, this “works to split the society.” At the same time, Anna Fedorova recalled that the key to the future of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation is in the attitude of a fairly large number of young people of leftist views to the party. She stressed that in a crisis situation, as now with the coronavirus, the least rational fears and urges come to life in society, so there is no point in blaming ordinary people here. At the same time, Gleb Kuznetsov, in his review of world practices, noted that in any European left-wing party, a disgraced hunter would be sorted out in 10 minutes. And given that, in general, the left of all stripes today is more likely on the side of effective means of fighting covid available to all classes, mutual understanding cannot be achieved even situationally. At the same time, criticism without proposing a real program leads us further and further away from reality and forces us to seek support from marginalized groups. Истoчник www.mk.ru Such a strange approach, the expert believes, against the background of the actions of other parties in the same situation, puts the Communist Party in a strange position – everyone, including United Russia, immediately recognized everything and punished those who made a mistake. The reason is simple: leftists, leftists, and simply Marxists practically everywhere work in a strong coalition with environmentalists, and the topic of hunting in general is perceived by them as a reason to earn political points. Regarding the situation with Valery Rashkin, or rather about what she can do To “help” the Communist Party, a lot was also said at the round table. And therefore, “hunting” scandals haunt her quite constantly – one can recall the Irkutsk communist governor Levchenko. That is, hunting and “protecting the interests of a working man” are incompatible there. Valery Rashkin's eager story revived discussions about whose interests the Communist Party protects
The scandalous situation with Communist Deputy Valery Rashkin, as experts believe, is not so much an accident as an indicator of the state of affairs in the Communist Party, its intellectual state, ideological baggage. Alexei Martynov voiced his opinion about the reserves for the growth of its influence revealed in the last elections to the State Duma – the growth was due to games with anti-Axeist sentiments, which, in fact, is already on the verge. And there is a good reason for this – in modern public opinion, hunting is perceived as the entertainment of the rich and very rich.

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