The cosmonaut suggested using satellite images in lawsuits

“ The development of space technologies opens up new opportunities for courts and participants in the process. He will lead the international crew until spring 2022. The use of satellite images as evidence has excellent potential ',' mdash; said the cosmonaut, having connected via video link from the ISS to the environmental seminar of the Supreme Court of Russia. Истoчник Shkaplerov said that so far it is impossible to see the number of a car or a person's face in such pictures, but they can be used in courts of environmental disputes or in cases related to real estate. Satellite and space photographs could be used as evidence in court when considering cases, RIA Novosti reports & nbsp; the words of test cosmonaut & nbsp; Anton Shkaplerov. & nbsp;
“In this regard, I invite you to discuss the prospects for using satellite images as evidence”, & mdash; added the cosmonaut. Currently, Anton Shkaplerov is the commander of the ISS.

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