The bill on QR codes in public places will be considered in December

The second bill introducing QR codes in transport concerns intercity and international travel. Subscribe to RBC's YouTube Live broadcasts, videos and recordings of programs on our YouTube channel

Истoчник The final decisions on where exactly such restrictions will apply remain with the extra-regional authorities. The measure will be valid until June 1. “ Not including projects does not mean that they will not be considered in the end, & mdash; explained one of the interlocutors of RBC. '' Although the calendar of consideration of the State Duma's issues is one of the documents that determine its work, the regulations also allow considering issues that were not originally in the plan. The initiative to allow the introduction of QR codes in public places will be considered in the first reading in the State Duma before the New Year, RBC sources said. In mid-November, the government submitted to the State Duma two bills related to the introduction of mandatory QR codes on vaccination against coronavirus and on the transferred COVID. RBC also wrote that the government is discussing the possibility of introducing QR codes for unofficially recovering from COVID-19. It is assumed that QR codes will be checked when tickets are sold. At the same time, the initiatives were not included in the preliminary work plan of the lower house, which the State Duma should approve during the plenary session on November 25. A transitional period is envisaged for the introduction of measures: until February 1, a negative PCR test can be presented instead of QR codes to enter a public place, but then only those who received a medical withdrawal from vaccination will have this opportunity. The bill does not affect the operation of public transport, pharmacies, grocery retail and essential goods stores. & mdash; There are plans for these projects for December. If both are accepted, then QR codes can be entered at public events, in shops, cafes, trains and planes. Earlier, the bills were not included in the work plan of the chamber for December

Both bills on QR codes & mdash; about their introduction in public places and in transport & mdash; the State Duma is planning to consider it in the first reading in December. Two sources in the lower house told RBC about this.

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