Subculture Sage – Health And Safety Lyrics

Well, this some shit you weren’t aware of
Base lines scare your bird come off like scarecrows
Real flows get locked off like jail time
5 finger discount, trust fam I got bare garms
Them blue flashers won’t ever catch me out
Always on the move from them
They dont know where im hanging about
They ain’t clocking on my shots
They ain’t latching on my sound
Up in notting Hill Carnival ill just vanish in the crowd
I bounced back to bang an ounce
Dragon Stout in my hand fag in mouth
f**k a backwarsd cap fam, im bussing mine low
Big brother can’t watch face he ain’t stealing my soul
He ain’t feeling my flow man he be the 5-0
Straight f**kery is he always seems to be where I go
So I roll my green not letting babylon inside me
f**k a law who are they to tell me my own health and safety? All they’re trying to do is get the whole grid up on lock
Laws that looks after the rich and leave the rest of us in slop
But when the shit hits the fan all them man will end up got
The roof is on fire! No the fire’s in the streets
Back in august 2011 it lasted pretty much a week
I guess they pushed us too far played a puppet on its strings
But the FED bait started the whole thing
Anyway, on a positive note
Theres a bunch of fresh rappers and I think theyr all shit
They be clocking my scopes they better get off my dick
If they try and knock me for flows ill be cutting thier throats out
All I want to do is just take drugs
Pull out my own tongue and use it for a paint brush
Write f**k you on the walls running naked round the streets
Middle fingers up sticking of gasoline
Thats the dream, cash and P’s, they ain’t real theyr all trying to cat off me
Im the Sage, im THE Sage, check my passport dickhead its my name
You see me an MC well im different fam
I ain’t after fam, dont want no glists and glam
Dont want a million fans or y face to be known
I just want to get mash up
And catch joke and have fun and spread a positive vibe
If my lot are in the party then its gotta be hype
Were the friendliest bunch, but the messiest cunts
And if you ever try and knock us then you heads getting thumped
Im the HypeMan, im back out of the background
I didn’t give a shit then and still dont give a crap now
“Is that aloud?” course bitch youl skank so hard youll black out
Turn any room im hosting to a mother f**king mad house
And im spitting in a live jam with rhymes that iv scribbled with my right hand
f**k you im living up my life man
Mashup, visions just a blurry string of lights
f**k it, well just call it city life
Im living day to day weekly bringing vibes
Im that natural born super star see it in my stride
I tried living in this system but clearly didn’t fit in
So now i walk these roads pushing rhythm within britain
And time is of the essence but half of you lot won’t know
My heart beats twice the pace so I experience life in slow mo
Just coz I say hi dont assume that its nice to meet you
f**k you snakes even without my eyes Id see you

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