State Lines – For The Ears Lyrics

Change is all that we’ll ever know
But don’t be scared because I’m your friend and we’re only growing old I was painted stoned
But that’s just for history’s purpose –
The ones who think we’re too flawed to deserve this
And I’m taking it on in some form of mental protest, tearing open my chest
Whatever qualifies as rest
I woke with a purpose today
Brushed my teeth, grabbed a pen, and I ripped out a page
Of some old notebook paper. Our portraits were altered the other day
You were painted black. There was no name on the label
And I sat there determined to write you this song
Just to see how thing have been coming along from your view of the sight lines
Often I have a hard time seeing a perspective that’s not mine
And I may be last in line, but just give me some time
It’s just this simple thing that’s beyond our control
As we’re trying to steer through these lives that we own
It’s the fork in the road.

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