Slim Jesus – Traffic Lyrics

[Intro: Slim Jesus]
Gang gang gang gang
Gang in this bitch man
You know how the fuck they call me
They said I wasn’t tryin’ to put on for my city man
I was just waiting on my demons to get out
Shout out Ca$h man
What up Link
What’s up bro, let’s get it man
Boom boom boom boom
Gang Gang
[Verse I: Slim Jesus]
Yo bitch on my dick man she hittin’ my line (ring ring)
She wanted my money and all of my time (dah)
Only chasin’ the checks and she gettin’ declined
And Benjy and Jacks only thing on my mind (skrrt)
Chasin’ a bag ain’t no nickles and dimes (nah)
Tryinna stay me, bitch I’m shootin’ for mine (bah)
Hella guns on me, got uzi and nines (bah bah)
30s, and 50s, extendos, and [?] (boom boom boom boom)
I’ve been ridin’ round catch me with that Toni (with that Toni)
Caught me lackin’ up in traffic bitch I’m never lonely (nah)
You can ask your bitch about me guarantee that she now me (thot)
Pull them blue faces out my [?] guarantee she blow me (yeaah)
Gang full of killers ain’t playin’ no games (nah)
Get jammed up and say no names (yuh)
Heard you was talkin’ that Slim was a stank
Send my young hitter he comin’ for brains (bah)
Only the gang I ain’t fuckin’ with lanes
Fuck with the gang and then hammers gon’ bang (boom boom boom boom)
[?] no bitch you a stank
Killin’ this drill shit I’m in my own lane
I be in the cut smokin’ dope
Witchyo shorty (smokin’ dope)
Copped a pack break it down
And that bitch gon’ sell it for me
On the corner with the gang
And bitch I’m rockin’ all my jewelry (all my diamonds)
Try and take my chain
Bitch I’m squeezin on this 40
(bah bah bah bah)
[Interlude: Ca$h]
Niggas already know how we comin’ man
Shout out to my nigga Slim man
GANG [?] shit bitch
Let’s get it
[Verse II: Ca$h]
Now all these niggas part of [?] gang now (GANG)
Now [?] niggas wanna come around (what)
But the same young niggas that I’ve been with
Be the same niggas that’s always been around (gang)
Man this shit ain’t not a game (no, no)
We be gettin’ money for a bitch and then we [?] bands (let’s get it)
Nigga run up on the gang gettin’ turko stains (brrrrrra)
Red dot on a [?] smokin’ [?] face (boom)
[?] a sack bitch (bands, bands, bands)
I be runnin’ thru them bands know I always get them racks bitch
GMT that’s the money gang (gang)
A lot of niggas wanna know shit [? ] no bustin’ better hit (boom, boom)
Cause I guarantee I’m shootin’ back
Call Slim we gon’ pull up in a Benz now (skrrrt)
Rollin’ choppas off top doin’ head now (brrrrra)
[?] when we ride [?]
Bodies droppin’ now [?] We can’t be found
Hit a drill, lay him flat
Then we eat out
Now we back up in the trap
Bring the P’s out
Did a drill, lay him flat
Then we eat out (skrrrt)
(Now we back up in the trap
Bring the P’s out)
[Verse III: Link]
Cut these bands in my pocket I’m flexin’
These niggas is hatin’ don’t know what they do (bitch)
Spent bands on my robbers and rocks
Mix Louis with [?] inside of my shoes (bitch)
I’m walkin’ up niggas is talkin’ and watchin’
It’s funny cause I never lose (I never lose)
I’m poppin’ now, niggas is watching now
Lackin’, they think that my 40’s on snooze (boom boom)
These bands got your bitch on command
Don’t wanna be friends pass her to my mans (bands)
Bitch you lucky my niggas so dummy
They bussin’ for nothin’ so do not get [?] (brrrra)
[?] Link I can call you in (plug)
I been trappin’ for a minute like nigga watchu tryinna spin (gang)
Call Slim, nigga pull off in a Benz (skrrrr)
If you try to front the gang lil’ bitch better bring yo friends
Niggas know what we been about
If you wanna call bro we will run up in the nigga house (run up in a nigga house)
Pulled up in a chrome to a nigga mouth
If I bring her home, give me dome for a lil’ clout (bitch)
Niggas know we’ve been flexin’ a lot
[?] gotta get a pill better chill from stretching your block (gang)
Gotta keep it still on me cause these niggas is [?]
Nigga try to peel on me and I’m droppin’ the top (eskettit) ] money came
Man I swear that’s the funny thang
A lot of niggas switch up for a lil’ bit of a fucking chain (what)
Man I’m still the same nigga
With the same gang and I put it on my [?] (hell naw)
Man I’m tired of this [?] (damn)
All this [?] gonna get a nigga stuck quick (bitch)
We don’t [?] a fuck what a nigga talk about
Born in the black like I never seen a fuckin’ drought (duh duh)
Called you for the pack but I triple that that (flip)
One move one jug then I’m shootin’ back (boom)
A nigga run up on [?] [?

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