Skyzoo – Long Money (Peddler Themes Album)

Long money looked so short from 100 feet out
And counting down from 99 make you wanna reroute
98 will test your patience and all that you ’bout
97, 96, 95, hit a switch, like get a ride, hit a lick, fuck walking with time
Time will tell and mine will tell that we won ‘fore we died
Or at least that’s what they sell us and all of us buy
Feeling sorry for our mothers was all they replied
Like "hurry up and buy", and shots fly in response
Hurry up and die is what they kinda really want
Drop 5 in the front, or $4.99, new neighbors got these beers even higher
Fear the replier, ’cause shots fly in response and all you get to hear is the choir
The talk’s heinous but it’s here to inspire
The motive, is all the above, it reads like a coroner’s love
And nobody’s better, we all need a plug
Introductions turn to falling in love, let’s keep it all of a buck
Nobody’s better B, all of you suck
But back, to the lecture at hand
Going hand over fist, hand on a flip, no step on the plans
You outside?, no step on the plants, that’s what the difference be
And intuition be all we want as a centerpiece
Center me as being, the minority that all the majority speaking thru
And speaking to you
Was a short money plan that turned into more
Bet it all took a turn when we heard the allure
It’s just the life, of solemnly swearing over approaches
And leaning on a Beamer was all they needed to coach us
Suited up for this AAU, and may their stoops
Be protected as ever when that pay day loops
It comes around with a high and a low, a give and a take
They listen in for the breaks like finding a hole
You dip from the jakes and find your way home
My man went to the isle and caught the finest C.O
The bitch amazing, well according to him when we would kick it on the V.I
I’m hoping they transfer him and he kick it with Mumia
Word to Destiny’s pops, we was taught that Heaven do watch
And police talk with they heckler and koch
I heard the latter, as well as my man saying
That he campaigning to catch a Milly if soda ever do rock
I wanted to put it all on a record or put it all on a screen
Or 2 for 1 like I was selling tops
One of my heroes is Spike, and another one is Jada
So baby I still want head in the drop
Love is love, love us for whoever we are
And if you never stood for that then we could be never be y’all
Learned how to stand tall when I was seated with my pops in the drop
And he was preaching how to be what y’all not
’cause dude I was with pops every day, and when I wasn’t
He called my mother’s crib either way and the discussions
Was drowning out the shit in the hallway
And the staircase was adjacent to our front doorway
So for that talk to drown out what the hall say
Means that it was louder than what the liquor store made
Raised by a goon who saw the bloom in his off spring
Thuggin’ it, talcum on his middle finger, Malcom on his trigger finger
Cutting up and shooting out
But paused from 3 to 4 or whenever school was out
Know that it’s Brooklyn forever son you already know
You stab me I leak Henny like I said befoe’
So, you do me dirty I still won, rap like steel drums
Rappers I feels none, except for Griselda
Red carpet to the yellow tape what they sells us
And they say that the money got us indebted to failures
It’s tricky ain’t it?, sitting and waiting while the shit is explained
Short money never came with a residual frame and…

Long money wasn’t nothing that they taught us right? Said it take too long to count it and get on it right? They put it far enough away from us to want it right? Said it take too long to count it and get on it right? Long money wasn’t nothing that they taught us right? They put it far enough away from us to want it right? Did whatever they could do to keep it from us right? Did whatever they could do to keep it from us right?

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