Skooly – Pain On Me Lyrics

Was in the back of the back while them niggas in the front
So I really can’t front
Plus I’ve been stabbed in the back by my niggas more than once
Oh this life is really something
Started off 16 chasing hoes and money with a big dream
Can’t wait til you see me on the big screen
My instincts tell me niggas don’t get mean
Dirty niggas but you gotta know my b*tch clean
I’m the shit but you gotta know my shit clean
Wrist bling skate diamonds on 6 speed
I sip clean plus I buy my own shit please
This weed that I’m blowing don’t come with seed
Do you believe or a member of da Ripleys
I’m from a block where you park you get swiss cheese
Broad day by a J on A 6 Speed
Niggas change on me
Try to take da game on me
You ain’t da Same homie
Had to switch lanes on ya
I stayed da same homie
Tell me why ya change on me x3
My Ring glowin chain ain’t stolen
My lane open but dey can’t hold me
Gave you da game
Boy ya face owe me
Thru da bullshit i remain lonly
I rememba i was tryna make a way homie
Had to find my mama somewhere else to stay homie
Den my brother died shit got strange on me
Den my partna died world tried to rain on me
Ahhh world tried ro rain on me
You see all duz muhfickin pain on me x3
Pain on me

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