Skooly – My Brother Had Dope Before He Left Lyrics

I cannot talk about it, I cry
You better not come around me, I’ll fire
You better not come around me outside
You better listen homie, I ain’t trippin’ homie
Reminiscing homie, on the real
Ain’t no use to dissing on me, I hate niggas only
Better tell a nigga how you feel
Go watch the interviews, then go listen to my interludes
Boy I been a fool
And you niggas living a lie, and you know I been the truth
And they tryna sentence dudes
And I’ll never squeal, before that it’s Mortal Kombat, I’ll finish you
And this go for any dude, this go for any crew
’til I reach my pinnacle, give you a physical
I’m not shootin’ at any school, shit could get critical
Summertime rapper talk with that water on, I pull up at any pool
I’m not leaving any jewels, and boy I got plenty jewels
Your bitch ain’t feeling you, show you what pimpin’ do
Show you what that pimpin’ do
That shit ain’t in to you, only gon’ warn you once
Don’t try to harm the don, I’m armed like tentacles
Yeah bitch I ball like testicles
Pause, Rawling, Spalding
I got your bitch here right next to me, uh
Yeah bitch I’m ballin’, ballin’
She say she home alone, uh
I be Macaulay Culkin
But don’t you keep callin’ my phone, uh
I’ll leave you heartless, stalkin’
And you niggas knowin’ who’s poppin’
Young direct deposit, lil kid, I got ’em
My Cosa Nostra the hottest
You niggas gon’ have a problem
Chainz told me get ’em, I got ’em, uh
I didn’t only hit ’em, I dropped ’em, uh
I do this shit for my brother, uh
I still do this shit for my partner
Still coming out of my shell, uh
Feel like I’m out of myself, uh
Still sipping lean by the brick, uh
Still smoking weed by the bale, uh
Cartier boss, they were twelve
Still get the bump for my nails, uh
My life was rough on a player
These bitches tough on a player, uh
That’s why I’m so dope, you can tell
That’s why I got hope, you can tell
I could’ve sold dope anywhere
My brother had dope before he left (shit, RIP)
My brother had dope before he left
It sounds like you’ve had to explain that a lot, that’s too bad
Nah, I really…see you, you’re nice, I don’t mind
It’s just real, so
I don’t mind explaining over here but I haven’t had to explain it because I don’t care [Verse]
Bitch I’m fresh out of the slums, somewhere you can’t come, I come in this bitch to act dumb
Your partners can come if they want, my cousins got guns, you niggas can run if you want
It ain’t no love homie, all type of drugs homie, I had a blood homie
Told me he’d kill whoever I want, and he from the land of the funk, that’s love homie
Roll me a spliff of that shit and hop in the whip, go get me something to sip
And I don’t be trusting no act, and them is just facts, I know that shit don’t exist
And I do not use my arithmetics, my brother taught me how to whip
Before he died, I still be crying inside, and I still be crying inside
But I still try, ’cause I know without him it’s fake
This shit is fake, it’s a lie
And I cannot trust you for shit, and I put my life in a letter, ’cause ain’t nothin’ safer than I
And I put my life in a metal, you better do better, ’cause nobody safe if I cry
Ridin’ in a Wraith with my guy, came from the south of the sky, sky
He wanna see me with it so I try
You try to stop my living, you will die
You know who shot my nigga, why lie?

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