Shawna Russell – Should’ve Been Born With Wheels Lyrics

You know ever since I was a baby girl
Had a feeling down deep inside
I had to get out and see the world
Even though I couldn’t drive
I knew I’d find a way if only in my mind
Well it must have been curiosity
At the heart of my desire
Roaming was my destiny
Time only fueled the fire
Till I felt the rubber burning off my tires
I’m packed up and ready to roll
It’s the only way I know
I gotta keep moving on
Cause I can’t stand still
I should’ve been born with wheels
The road gave me a wealth of knowledge
Made me wise beyond my years
So I never could’ve learned in college
Couldn’t keep my mind in gear
So I took the wheel with both hands
And learned to steer
Was it fate or prophecy
Something bigger moving me along
Lessons in life preparing me
For the path I’m traveling on
I don’t know where I’m bound
But I know where I belong

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