Sendal Jepit – You Gave Me Loneliness And A Song To Sing Lyrics

SENDAL JEPITYou Gave Me Loneliness And A Song To Sing Lyrics
hello again it’s been so long
it’s been a boring year, since you stab my heart
something’s had change but you’re still insane
your ego hurt me twice now you’re acting wise
I recognize that smile but that smile could kill
begging for a love but for you to spill
your devour pair of eyes sparkling from afar
but I’m not gonna let you put another scar
stay where you are
you’re harmless from afar
I gave you everything
all the joy could bring
you gave me loneliness
and a song to sing
a moment with you, could tear up the glue
break my fixed heart that I healed so long
I maybe too rude, but you’re not include
in my private party “everlasting love”

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