Saint Etienne – Mr. Donut Lyrics

Pilot, but you’ll have to wait
‘cuz paul’s still in the duty-free
when I’m far from home
you call me on the phone
tell me everything that’s
happening in England
when I’m feeling blue
you call me something new
another stupid name that makes me smile
and in a while it’s …
another coffee and
can you sense it in the air
feels so good
like someone really cares
built my world around certain things you say
I think of nothing else at the close of day
except for maybe how I ended up this way
another drink before you go
MTV is on
another dreary song
twenty after two
and I’m at a loss
‘cuz the hotel bar is closed
I walk across the road
sound of radio Boston makes me smile
and in a while it’s …
[CHORUS] x2 Donut Lyrics
checked in at the airport half an hour late
Jackie caused a scene when we reached the gate

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