Ryan Carter – My Journey Lyrics

Hey, I traveled the Milky Ways, and the stars of the Gods
Then return back to planet Earth, confused and with some scars
My lyrical format hits you like good slaps
In the face, where you need Botox and large hats! Mack
You can bet I’m not playing with a full deck! I go.. My mind is stronger and larger than your mom’s bladder
A gallon of Kool-Aid, and that weak bag will splatter! Megalomaniac on track, when I Mack like Big Daddy.. I buy goodwill, and distill in Webberville
I be circling big trees from Detroit to Adrian
I embark on a big time mental block… OK…. 6am is when I have to wake up in the morning
And the corners of my eyes be like crusty when they open
My childhood bullies… I send threats
My bedroom set of My Little Pony leaves you upset! Comin through comin through, all rise like the anthem
Cause I’m crazy and I’m stalking Scarlett Johannsson! far beyond acting soft… I run with scissors
Then tripped and fell, and stabbed myself directly in my liver!

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