Russia to conduct a one-time census of the Amur tiger population

The Amur tiger is an endangered species, about 90% of all individuals in the wild live in the Khabarovsk Territory and Primorye. & nbsp; & nbsp;
Let's add, the last time the survey was carried out in 2015, 480-540 Amur tigers were identified. One-time registration of the Amur tiger in Russia will take place after & nbsp; 5 February, said the head of ANO & nbsp; & nbsp; Amur Tiger Center & raquo; & nbsp; Sergey Aramilev, & nbsp; reports RIA Novosti. Истoчник & Nbsp;
A working group has been created to observe the tigers. & nbsp;
The specialist noted that the exact date of registration will depend on the snowfall, after which at least five days should pass, since during this period the animals move little. will work in the & nbsp; Amur Region, & nbsp; Khabarovsk Territory, Primorye and Jewish Autonomous Region.

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