Run that race – Dan Auerbach lyrics

We gotta run that raceee
We gotta run that raceee
How do we earn my pace
As long as we get to run that race. Cause I wanna run that raceee
I wanna run that race
How do we earn my pace
As long as I get to run that raceee. Lyrics Dan Auerbach – Run that race
Another day another dollar gone
When I get up in the morning I just can’t go on
I feel the outstretch turns of time
I ain’t lyin’.(run that race)
But somethin’s callin’ from down deep within
Like I finally started livin’ for myself again
I saved the outstretch lands of time
Changed my mind. When I lay my head on my pillow at night
I think about what still going right
Thank the stars up above
There’s still things left I know. I feel discouraged and I got myself
But you know you can’t blame it on nobody else
Only you know where it is
You belong, sing along. (x3)
Dan Auerbach lyrics
Lyrics race I wanna run that raceee.

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