Roscosmos and NASA are consulting on the extension of the ISS operation

The document is being coordinated with the Russian Foreign Ministry. At the same time, about 110 countries and territories were involved in carrying out certain works. As the head of the state corporation & nbsp; Dmitry Rogozin, on December 31, an official notification was received from the United States to extend the use of the ISS until 2030. Meanwhile, in 2022, Japanese researchers will begin preparations for the launch of the world's first wooden satellite. The general director of Roscosmos added that consultations with NASA are currently underway on this issue. Roscosmos and NASA are holding consultations on extending the operation of the International Space Station, TASS reports. By According to NASA, during the existence of the ISS, more than three thousand studies were organized on it. Therefore, the extension of the American presence at the station will create conditions for another productive decade, the management stressed. It is also noted that the Russian and American sides have prepared a draft agreement on cross-flights of US astronauts on Russian Unions. Истoчник With the help of this experiment, the researchers intend to prove the suitability of wood as an environmentally friendly material for the production of spacecraft. Earlier it was reported that in the coming years Washington intends to & nbsp; continue to work on the ISS with its international partners in the person of Russia, Canada, Japan and Europe. and Russian cosmonauts on American ships.

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