Popsicle – Please Don’t Ask Lyrics

POPSICLEPlease Don’t Ask Lyrics
Some how I thought I’d be that strong
Finally accepting that you’re really gone
Thought we could spend some time together
That things were getting better now
Let me tell you honey I was wrong
Now I’m so empty and the days so long
Though I’m trying not to show it
There’s no way don’t know it bye now
So please don’t ask any questions
Just let it be
Cause I’ve told you what I meen
And please don’t leave any message
Just say goodbye
I will try to hide
The way I feel this time
As if it wasn’t enough with the streets we shared
Now even the weather seems to take me there
I hear you giggling with the raindropps
Humming with with the treetops sighing
So excuse me while I sing this song
But I’m so empty and the days so long
Will I never stop complaining
Find myself again and
Step out on the other side
I look into the mirror
See an empty space that used to be your face
I know it’s trivial
So why do I keep dwelling on it

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