Pablo Skywalkin – I’m Back Lyrics

All these bands on me, so these bitches, they gone choose
That Gucci belt ain’t shit if you don’t do it Gucci shoes
Niggas swear they loyal, probably wishing you a lose
Counting money in the kitchen with my niece watching cartoons
Rolli on my wrist, and it remind me of the moon
Thinking how i want a mansion with them big ass rooms
White buffs, black tints, looking just like raccoon’s
Nightmares of going broke and i don’t die real soon
But f**k it i’m a boss, all my niggas locked down
Most of y’all niggas bitches me and T done knocked down
Whole band on me, i been shopping for some shoes
Most my niggas dead, or they picture on the news
Party with the goons, savage niggas with tattoos (x2)
Pops always told me when you make it from the top
Never forget being broke, chilling on the block
Flowing downtown, on my way to the suite
Pockets full of guap, and my team bout to eat
Hit a teen bar with the team a make it rain
All white flames, bitches call me cocaine
Gotta watch your ho and watch your main mans
Cause niggas they ah change, and its a dirty ass game
Gotta watch your bros and even watch your main mans
Cause nigga they ah change, and its a dirty ass game
{Verse 2}
Walked in the club, and i just came to do my thang
Bitches cover up their weave cause im boutta make it rain
Niggas wanna Billie jean, and my wrist [?]
I ain’t have to spit game, i just f**ked her off my name
All my f**king life i wanted to be just like my pops
Back in ’06, rocking them white ass rocks
Could of swore my [?] was pregnant all these fat ass knots
Blue shoes, red bottoms, they looking just like cops
Blowing on that [?] and i can’t hear shit
I smell money when i’m near it
Say you love me, i don’t care bitch
Cause i don’t wanna hear it
Back in my zone, clutching the chrome, groupies calling my phone
Grabbing on my fendi belt, bitch leave me alone (x2)

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