Overkill – Supersonic Hate Lyrics

Here we go! Complex man in a simple world got the means,
Got the know how to rape me…
Yeah Yeah! Supersonic hate. (2x)
Supersonic…supersonic hate. (Hate!) Yea-ah. Supersonic hate. Screamin’ supersonic hate, I’ll get over you. (3x)
Here we go! Opposite sides of the same fence,
Not far apart, you know that I hate you. Supersonic…
Here we go! Lookin’ down the wrong end of a gun! Opposite sides of the same fence,
Not far apart but still,
I don’t like you. Supersonic hate. I’m makin’ tracks for Jersey before I’m wasted by the sun. A simple man in a complex world got the means,
But the know how escapes me…
Yea-ah. Supersonic hate. (Hate!) Hate. Supersonic hate. (3x)
Here we go! (Hate!) Yea-ah. Bang bang bang bang bangin’ on yer skull! (Hate!) Oh Yea-ah. Sonic in the hate age. OVERKILLSupersonic Hate Lyrics
Huh. Eatin’ everything is sight, but still I don’t seem full. Supersonic…hate! (Hate!) Yea-ah. Supersonic hate. Supersonic hate. In the park sharin’ the same bench,
Not far apart but still,
I could never love you. Talkin talkin talkin’ till you’re blue!

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