New clinics and equipment. Healthcare is being modernized in the Kuban

With the & nbsp; opening & nbsp; of the new building, children will be able to receive high-tech assistance without & nbsp; leaving & nbsp; the limits of the Krasnodar Territory & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; explained the vice-governor Anna Minkova. Petersburg. The & Nbsp; New Building Will Have Surgical, Oncological And & Nbsp; Reception Departments & Nbsp; With An Anti-Shock Ward. Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko: “The key principles of the program relate to increasing the availability and quality of primary health care, including in rural areas and in small towns, strengthening the prevention of infectious and non-infectious diseases. On & nbsp; new cars, patients will be delivered to doctors, transported biomaterial for laboratory research and & nbsp; to deliver to district police by & nbsp; calls. In general, more than 500 billion rubles are provided for the modernization of primary health care up to & nbsp; 2025. “ These are 44 & nbsp; medical facilities & nbsp; & mdash; city ​​and & nbsp; regional hospitals, an outpatient clinic of Novorossiysk. The surgeon can personally control several power zones of the regime, achieving the best effect '', & nbsp; & mdash; said the Minister of Health of the Krasnodar Territory Evgeny Filippov. Overhaul goes on & nbsp; the territory of Belorechensky, Bryukhovetsky, Vyselkovsky, Gulkevichsky, Caucasian, Kanevsky, Krymsky, Kushchevsky, Novopokrovsky, Seversky, Ust-Labinsky, Apsheronsky districts. At the same time, the overhaul of the local hospital is being completed in the Primorsko-Akhtarsky district. Thanks to the new apparatus, research will be carried out at & nbsp; place. & Nbsp;
Machines for doctors and & nbsp; patients
In & nbsp; this year, doctors received 344 cars under the & nbsp; program. By the way, 43 regional projects are being implemented within the framework of national projects in the Krasnodar Territory. In & nbsp; Korenovsky and & nbsp; Otradnensky districts, work is being carried out at once at & nbsp; two objects, in & nbsp; Timashevsky & nbsp; & mdash; on & nbsp; three. Thus, hospitals received 178 modern electrocardiographs. And & nbsp; November 12 & nbsp; hospitals of the region were given rhinestone 76 & nbsp; Lada Largus. In & nbsp; next year he will be provided with a computed tomograph & nbsp; & mdash; research is very much in demand with & nbsp; taking into account the spread of coronavirus. Modern equipment has already been purchased for him, including CT, MRI, ultrasound, X-ray systems. There, a therapeutic department will be opened, the hospital is designed for & nbsp; 28 & nbsp; people. & laquo; Medical and diagnostic corps & nbsp; & mdash; key project in the & nbsp; health care system of the region. And & nbsp; also surgical and & nbsp; operating blocks, cryopreservation station, blood transfusion department. In the & nbsp; Krasnodar Territory, the implementation of the state program “ Modernization of primary health care '' continues. As reported in the & nbsp; Ministry of Health of the region, the readiness of the facility & nbsp; & mdash; more than 90%. The cost of one device & nbsp; & mdash; more than three million rubles. We & nbsp; do not & nbsp; know when the pandemic will end, and & nbsp; should be fully armed. For & nbsp; this money in & nbsp; seven medical institutions of Krasnodar, Sochi, Novorossiysk, Yeisk and & nbsp; Armavir delivered 77 & nbsp; units of new modern equipment, including heavy equipment. Operating surgical tables were also delivered to & nbsp; hospitals in Belorechensky and & nbsp; Caucasian regions. It is important that the regions implement the activities planned within the program as quickly as possible, because they are all aimed at improving the quality of life of people. The & nbsp; region has already begun & nbsp; designing 19 & nbsp; new objects in & nbsp; different areas & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said Veniamin Kondratyev. AiF tells what results the & nbsp; was achieved thanks to participation in the & nbsp; national project. “ In total, since the beginning of the pandemic, medical institutions in the region received 259 ventilators. They help assess respiratory functions, diagnose primary hyperventilation and & nbsp; other abnormalities in the & nbsp; work of vital systems. Thanks to the new universal electrosurgical unit ARC-303 & nbsp; a scalpel and & nbsp; suture material is practically unnecessary & nbsp; A big plus of the technique is & nbsp; the fact that now it is possible to remove tumors in & nbsp; the most inaccessible places. Some of the hardware and & nbsp; medical consoles have already been installed. In total, in & nbsp; 2021, incubators for newborns were purchased at & nbsp; 27 & nbsp; medical institutions of the Kuban. Now their & nbsp; in & nbsp; hospitals 740 & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said Deputy Minister Irina Vyazovskaya. The new equipment is portable, which expands the possibilities of its use & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said the Deputy Minister of Health of the Kuban Valentina Ignatenko. Kurganinskaya Central District Hospital received new ventilators. They will help doctors in the treatment of patients with coronavirus with & nbsp; acute or chronic respiratory failure, and & nbsp; also during surgery under general anesthesia. This allows them to be tailored & nbsp; for any type of operation. Seven CT centers have already been opened in the & nbsp; region, which operate around the clock. Previously, local residents went to & nbsp; Krasnodar for examinations. In the & nbsp; krai, not only the existing institutions are being updated, but & nbsp; and & nbsp; for the first time in & nbsp; in recent years, due to the increase in the number of residents, they are launching a program for the construction of polyclinics. Therefore, we decided to organize a branch of the polyclinic. Doctors of the Gulkevichi regional hospital received two resuscitation tables for the initial examination of infants. The & nbsp; plans for & nbsp; 2021 were to supply regional vascular centers with 30 & nbsp; units of medical equipment, & nbsp; including heavy. New jugs have been delivered to the obstetric department of the Kushchevskaya hospital. The number of residents in the & nbsp; region is growing, and & nbsp; primary health care requires development & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said Anna Minkova. 15 & nbsp; with an office CT. The total area of ​​the LDK is almost 40 & nbsp; thousand square meters. The equipment of the tables is controlled with the & nbsp; remote control. General financing of the state program, which complements the measures provided for by the national project “ Healthcare '', in & nbsp; Krasnodar Territory at & nbsp; 2021 & nbsp; & mdash; 3.7 billion rubles. Overhaul is carried out in a three-story building built in 1961. The department installed and & nbsp; two incubator incubators for premature newborns. “ Surgeons of Belorechenskaya, Pavlovskaya, Labinskaya and & nbsp; Caucasian Central District Hospital can now perform operations much faster and & nbsp; almost bloodlessly. More than 747 million rubles were allocated for the renovation of medical equipment in five oncological dispensaries and two oncological departments. Today, a number of complex operations are performed for our children only in the & nbsp; centers of Moscow and & nbsp; St. It started in & nbsp; January 2021 & nbsp; year, but & nbsp; for & nbsp; this time in & nbsp; region managed to do a lot. Doctors of the Kalininskaya and Timashevskaya regional hospitals received analyzers of the acid-base state of the blood. ”
Thanks to the project, the & nbsp; oncological service of the Kuban was also re-equipped. Operblocks will be placed here, which in the & nbsp; region has never been. The devices are indispensable in the diagnosis and & nbsp; treatment of heart disease and & nbsp; vessels. Истoчник & Nbsp;
Help without leaving the & nbsp; limits of the Kuban
In the & nbsp; treatment and diagnostic building of the regional children's hospital in & nbsp; Krasnodar in & nbsp; November finishing work is being completed. They provide a comfortable environment for the normal development of the child. This is necessary, given that many of & nbsp; them were not & nbsp; repaired for tens & nbsp; years & nbsp; and, of course, required investment. The program covers 85 & nbsp; subjects of Russia and & nbsp; is designed for & nbsp; five years. New equipment for village hospitals
In & nbsp; throughout the year of medical organization the regions continue to equip with new equipment. “ In & nbsp; 2021, we & nbsp; sent 416 million rubles from the & nbsp; regional budget for & nbsp; overhaul of clinics. Among the equipment & nbsp; & mdash; stabilography systems, bicycle ergometers, computed tomography systems, rehabilitation simulators. In addition, in & nbsp; 2022 in & nbsp; Krasnodar, in & nbsp; in the former building of the regional Ministry of Education, a branch of polyclinic No. They are equipped with light, heating and & nbsp; oxygen. In & nbsp; institutions change communications, roof, windows and & nbsp; doors, carry out finishing work. In addition, units for bone marrow transplantation and an & nbsp; resuscitation complex will appear there. After the completion of repairs in the & nbsp; local hospital, doctors will be able to admit children and & nbsp; adults. & Nbsp; 29 & nbsp; devices have already arrived at & nbsp; hospitals in Krasnodar, Armavir, Yeisk, Vyselok, Kropotinskaya , Slavyansk, Novorossiysk. Work is already underway everywhere and & nbsp; will be completed before & nbsp; the end of the year. Fully equipped vehicles will be sent to & nbsp; 43 & nbsp; health care departments of district and & nbsp; city hospitals. Medical institutions in Anapa received electroencephalographs for brain studies. & Nbsp;
Construction program launched
The Governor of the Kuban Veniamin Kondratyev spoke about the update of 19 & nbsp; polyclinics in & nbsp; 15 & nbsp; regions of the region. The largest funding was received for the projects “Demography” – 15.1 billion rubles, “Healthcare” – 14.6 billion rubles, “Safe high-quality roads” – 9.2 billion rubles, “Housing and Urban Environment” – 6.5 billion rubles. “ This area is developing, there are many new buildings. The seven-story building with & nbsp; 350 beds is more than & nbsp; 78% ready. This is & nbsp; introduction into & nbsp; operation of new facilities, and & nbsp; supply of modern equipment, and & nbsp; purchase of vehicles for medical care. These are X-ray diagnostic complexes, equipment for prostate brachytherapy, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, close-focus X-ray therapy devices.

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