Never Lose

Lyrics to ‘Never Lose’ by Meek Mill:

–Intro: Lihtz Kamraz–
Raf Simmons on my shoes
I would never lose, I would never lose
(Infamous, infamous, infamous)
Yeah, yeah, yeah
–Chorus: Lihtz Kamraz–
[??] that’s in real life
Flood the rollie, drop the [??]
[??] I was still shining
My bitch out here tryna play me, she crazy
I’m fucking models on the daily
Anyway a nigga chose, I would never lose, I would never lose
I would never lose
–Verse ?: Meek Mill–
Somethin’ that I been through
Wins and them loses, turned us to bosses
Yeah, when them niggas started hated, man that’s when they lost us
Yeah, seen their bitches swtichin’ sides soon as they cross us
Fuck ’em
But I never trip and I feel like that ball I’ma [??]

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