Mavado Single “Unchanging Love” On DJ Khaled Album Hit 1 Million Streams On Spotify

The single was produced by DJ Khaled and Troyton Music, but Asahd Khaled is listed as the executive producer on the album. The track surpassed one million streams on Spotify alone this week making it one of the fastest growing dancehall singles on the platform currently. DJ Khaled’s album spent two weeks at number one n the Billboard 200 chart which gave Mavado some added exposure. “Give thanks for music. Mavado new single “Unchanging Love” featured on DJ Khaled‘s new album Grateful hits a major milestone. Only your melanin can convert sound to light and light to sound. “I was so confused at a tender age / So caught in a world full of hate / Used to make the wrong choices along the way / I know that I gotta make a change / Finally the loving inside / I started to do some meditation,” Mavado sings. The single was released on Roc Nation, Epic Records and We The Best Music on June 23. The spiritually uplifting single is capturing the hearts of dancehall fans locally and overseas with one fan calling it Mavado’s best song so far this year. This song will definitely erect the energies in your chakras,” Mavado said. Forever great is the youth of the gully, nah mean.” “Ha ha!

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