Macklemore – Marmalade Lyrics

I said don’t worry I’m timeless
Watching Toy Story 3 that’s a great f**king movie
City of Jimi, Kurt, Quincy
City of me, Eddie, and Bruce Lee (whoa)
King of the road I drive slow like whoa
And I just switched over to Geico like whoa
Celebrating these life goals
But you ain’t getting no ride home
I be riding through the town
My music loud
Windows down yeah you can hear me now
I turn it up, I need that bass
And my chain so bright can’t see my face
I be riding through the town, town, town
I be riding through the town, town, town
I be riding through the town, town, town
I be riding through the town, town, town
I be riding through the town
[Verse 2: Macklemore]
All eyes on me now
I be riding through Seatown
Taking pics when I eat out
Girls ask me to freestyle
Neighbors hate it when I speed out
I ain’t turning these beats down
GPS and I reroute
Chuck the deuce and I peace out
Sun roof tinted, don’t need your opinions
I be on my business, and you be on Tinder
And if I was single, I’d be right there with ya
But I’m committed, keep my dick in my britches
The women are moving their bodies
Sunset through numerous palm trees
Followed by the paparazzi
But they don’t get into our party
Tell the bell hop that I’m sorry
We 40 deep in the lobby
Travel the world with a posse
But soon I’ll be home
So call up my momma and tell her to pick up the phone
Cause I need that homemade lasagna that’s fresh out the stove
Grabbing the keys and I’m fresh out the door
King of my city whose next on the throne MACKLEMOREMarmalade Lyrics
Can’t nobody get up in my car today
Back seat feeling like a charter plane
Bumping Silkk Da Shocker Charge It To The Game
Paint dripping like I’m whipping marmalade (whoa)
Look at the way that I’m shining
I don’t be checking the mileage
She said how much is that Rolie?

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