Logan Paul – The Rise Of The Pauls Lyrics (feat. Jake Paul)

Jake Paul)
Let me just start off by saying I think my brother is an idiot
It’s true
And he can be a real dick sometimes
Also true
But he is my brother
Still true
And I’m always gonna have his back
It’s the rise of the Pauls, that’s right, the brothers are back
We ’bout to make this shit look easy like a game, Tic Tac
Now, Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe
Pick a YouTuber and roast him slow
Pick a YouTuber and roast him slow
Oh, oh, oh, roast him slow
All of their views be falling like snow
We just bought two Lambos with the butterfly doors
Although, they so below
It’s clear that all these other suckers plateaued
(Fact, fact)
We came and grabbed YouTube by the balls
I know for a fact it wasn’t ready for the Pauls, at all
Early 20s and more talent than y’all
And we ball
Quite YouTube we still crush like a cannonball
Put Jake’s name in your title and you can pay this month’s rent
We know you’re calling your lawyers
Yeah, that’s money well spent
‘Cause yeah, my brother messed up
But he still got his Disney contract
See me in person, I guarantee you won’t make eye contact
When the Paul bros unite, the internet ripples
Don’t mess with the best, boy, it’s that simple
Yeah, we welcome your fans with open arms
‘Cause this a rocket ship that’s headed for the stars
Yah, everybody parched, thirsty for the views
But we just havin’ some fun
And these dudes like thirty and their names
Barely worthy to roll off our tongues
Now I can’t tell the future
But it’s a damn fact that we’ve just begun
Life is only moving faster
Me and Logey ’bout to hit Mach 1
The grind never stops
Only two ways to make to the top
One: Be a leech, gain fame from the great ones
Two: Be a Maverick, lead the pack like Napoleon
I choose two, you an ride on my caravan
Plenty of room and number one, got a lifespan
Oh Logan, ah this like hypocritical
Because I just made a video about not hating on people
Yeah, no, I saw the video, yeah
I can’t do this
I’m bored bro, roast videos are fun
No, they’re not
Wait, hold up
Do you hear that bro? The second verse is coming
Shut up, second verse
It’s the second verse, forget about the first
If this a foot race, I’d be running in reverse
Y’all be making memes, but we be making millies
I’m killing this off
Stop Logan
The second verse can never come out
But bro, don’t you think we should address that one thing that everyone’s like wondering about
No, I’m not talking about that anymore
Bro, but like I’m just like
No, there two sides to every story and it’s not gonna go anywhere
Well, that is true
So like you don’t know who is telling the truth and who is lying LOGAN PAULThe Rise Of The Pauls Lyrics (feat.

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