Lil’ Mo – Mother Of Your Child Lyrics

LIL’ MOMother Of Your Child Lyrics
[verse 1:]
How you gonna go and tell your family, that you can’t stand me, that I be trippin’ and I’m using our child jus to be with you, well correction babt I don’t wannabe with you, I think you got it twisted, when nine and a half months ago I was your booo, ever since our baby’s been born, you been acting real brand new and that ain’t even cool
You can’t jus disrespect me, you can’t just neglect me, boy let me tell you, I’m the mother of your child and your stuck with me for life, you can’t just up and hate me without communicating, two steps from love, I’m the mother of your child and your stuck with me for life
[verse 2:]
So, so, so I guess you got a new girlfriend, who says that if you want to be with her she must come first, how selfish can someone be, (let me refresh you memory), three days of labour pains, put on your sexual weight, couldn’t leave the house for seven days but somehow you walked away, I don’t have to see your face but please take care of your baby
I don’t want you and I realize that it’s over, but there’s a beautiful baby that we both created, and our baby needs for you and me in it’s life so stop living a lie, because it’s not about money or the time… you weren’t even there to cut the cord, you weren’t even there to give me support so now your wondering why your up in court… ha, ha, ha, ha(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeahhhhhhhh)
[chorus x3]
It’s gon’ rain on your head

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