Lil Kapow – MURDER SONG lyrics

Lil Kapow

Lil Kapow – MURDER SONG lyrics
No insurance, crashed the whip, yeah, yeah
No insurance, crashed the whip
Ayy, ayy (AV got that drip, ho)
Ayy, ayy, ayy
No insurance, crashed the whip
Go to court, push it back, fu*k yes
My lawyer paid, we all rich (Yeah, yeah)
Talk sh*t, get folded like a crunch wrap (Yeah, ayy)
Okay, ooh, I’m in her ear like Mike Tyson
Try this, I got drugs in my sinus
I only want a b*tch that gon’ do it the way I like it
I’m all about the Benjamin’s, baby, I feel like Mike Epps
He can’t flex, I shot him right in the bicep
My new crib better look just like the Teen Titans
Goddammit, I’m high, I need to look at a flight plan
120 on the dashboard and pussy all in my right hand
Murder, murder, murder, gang, gang, that’s my sh*t, bro
I just shot out all his windows, [?] coat
I’m outside like I’m campin’, where’d my tent go? b*tch, I got a [?] county prison
Okay, fu*k it, guess he’s goin’ to camp Jesus
In a KFC box, they found him in five pieces
Can’t understand the b*tch I’m fu*kin’, she Puerto Rican
fu*k the b*tch on the rug, I’m not fu*kin’ her on my sheets
Fifty rounds in the clip, that’s fifty reasons to squeeze it
Chopsticks on me, like I’m eatin’ some Japanese sh*t
If I’m him, how in the fu*k could you ever be him? You can call me James, I stay in a giant peach
I took two Xanax on a trampoline, now I’m [?]
I can pull up on you like I’m Sonic, super fast
[?] in a Tesla, I’m whippin’ like Ricky Bobby
And I got more stripes then a ni**a that’s going golfing
Look, I-I-I-I, I hope you die tonight, wishful thinking
Walk in your crib and do some spring cleaning
He might think it’s a joke ’til the Glock hits his teeth
Hit him with a canon, knock him right out his jeans (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
b*tch, I’m higher than my odds of going to prison, I’m with it
I fu*k with stripper b*tches, I don’t tip ’em (Uh-uh)
Strong guy with a phone book how I wipe sh*t
No BMX, Glock make a ni**a do jumps
His b*tch spin back ’cause she got a part in the matrix
Added a couple Glocks, I hit copy and paste
Somebody come help him, he’s bleeding out on the pavement
It’s like I gave birth to a choppa how I raised it, gang
Lil Kapow – MURDER SONG lyrics

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