Lavrov told what Russia expects from the West after unsuccessful negotiations

& lt; … & gt; It [position] is based on documents adopted at the highest level in the OSCE, including the Istanbul Summit of 1999, where the freedom of choice of alliances is directly conditioned by the need to ensure the indivisibility of security so that no one takes any measures in their own interests to the detriment of the security of any other state '; , & mdash; he explained (quoted by TASS). Restrictions are provided in the event of an invasion of Ukraine. “ Especially against the backdrop of ongoing negotiations. According to him, in two meetings & mdash; in Geneva on January 10 and January 12 in Brussels & mdash; there were “ positive nuances '', but they were not the main purpose of these consultations. on Channel One, RIA Novosti reports. Russia relies on agreements that guarantee the existence of alliances for the sake of “indivisibility of security” and not to the detriment of the security of other countries, he added

Sergey Lavrov
Russia is awaiting a written response from the United States to Russian security proposals. Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, on behalf of the North Atlantic Alliance also volunteered to put his reaction on paper, '' & mdash; said Lavrov. “ But our position is not based on NATO documents. Subscribe to RBC's Twitter Get the news faster than anyone

Истoчник Lavrov: Russia expects the United States to respond in writing to Russian security proposals Moscow will wait for a response from the United States on its proposals, Lavrov said. On January 12, negotiations of the Council of Russia & mdash; NATO, which became the second in a series of meetings to discuss security guarantees. This was stated by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in the Big Game program. After that, he said, Washington's proposals will be discussed with the President, the Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Defense. The program will be aired at 22:30 Moscow time. On January 10, a meeting of the delegations of the Russian Foreign Ministry and the US State Department was held in Geneva, following which Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov announced that the parties had failed to agree on Moscow's key demand for NATO & mdash; about the non-expansion of the alliance to the east. Lavrov also noted that “ NATO and Americans categorically reject '' Russia's right to seek non-expansion of the alliance. Negotiations, albeit unsuccessful, '', & mdash; he said. After the talks, the US Senate published a draft of a new package of sanctions prepared by the Democrats against the Russian national debt, the banking sector and the leaderships of countries, including against President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister – Minister Mikhail Mishustin, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. The third meeting dedicated to the topic of security will take place on January 13 within the OSCE. The requirement to guarantee the non-expansion of NATO to the east and non-joining the alliance of the countries of the former USSR, as well as the clause on the prohibition of military activities on the territory of Ukraine, were in the draft security guarantee treaty that Russia sent for discussion to Washington in mid-December. According to him, the proposal to give Russia legal guarantees in this regard has caused serious objections from the United States. Lavrov's interview will go on the air the day after the meeting of the Council of Russia & mdash; NATO, which, according to the Kremlin, was unsuccessful. That Moscow is waiting for a “ concrete written formulation '' after two rounds of talks between Russia and the United States, the press secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov also said. As Ryabkov stressed, Russia needs “ iron, legal obligations, not promises, but guarantees '' the fact that Ukraine and Georgia will not become members of NATO. Press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov is “ extremely negative '' appreciated the appearance of this document. “ The Americans promised us to try, but we told them that they need to try very hard, to make their counter offers next week.

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