Lavrov announced the dispatch of specialists to Turkey for negotiations on grain

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Sergey Lavrov
diplomat , Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia
March 21, 1950

Истoчник Details of this operation— route, insurance and security of vessels with grain— parties and specialists of international organizations should discuss in Turkey. Is it so Pro research Boring, and even complicated: 6 myths about cycling Pro articles Changes in accounting standards: you didn’t know them, but already managed to violate Pro articles questions about your favorite drink Instructions
June 3, in an interview with the TV channel “Russia” Putin has accused the West of shifting food problems “off the hook” when it blames Russia for them. The event was broadcast live on the Rossiya 24 TV channel. a ban on trade in certain groups of goods and restrictions on financial transactions, the closure of ports, the suspension of air and land traffic, — destabilize the situation in the entire world economy, said the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov. A group of specialists and a Russian delegation will move to Turkey to discuss the details, the minister said
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The Russian delegation will go to Turkey tomorrow to hold talks on organizing the process of exporting grain from the ports of Ukraine, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at a press conference. Read on RBC Pro Pro Russian software is needed here and now: is rapid import substitution possible Instructions Pro Back to school: what will happen to the online education market in Russia Articles Pro How to work less and increase productivity: 4 tips Articles Pro Meditation changes the brain. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said earlier that, according to Kyiv, unilateral Russian guarantees to restore grain supplies from Ukraine are not enough, and suggested sending ships to the Black Sea to clear mines and escort commercial cargo from ports. “Specialists are already leaving for Turkey today. According to him, the unfavorable situation on the food market began to take shape not because of the military operation in Ukraine, but even during the COVID-19 pandemic: “This is a mistake of the financial and economic authorities of the United States, it has nothing to do with Russia’s actions in Ukraine , not at all. According to him, Russia and Turkey are interested in solving problems with food supplies. The problems were exacerbated by the “short-sighted policy of the European countries, and above all the European Commission, in the field of energy,” he believes. Lavrov also recalled that the president in his recent interview detailed how to unblock food supplies from the Black Sea ports mined by Ukrainians and from the ports of Azov seas that are already controlled by the Russian Federation. Russia and Ankara are interested in solving the problem of transporting food from the ports of Ukraine. The Turkish state agency Anadolu reported on June 2 that Russia, Ukraine and Turkey, with the assistance of the UN, have developed a “road map” that will allow the export and supply of about 20 million tons of grain and sunflower seeds to the international market. I hope that we will be able not only to put an end to it— this is still to be done by our leaders,— but we will be able to work out in detail those options that the president spoke about and which depend solely on those who should work with Ukraine, — said the minister during a press conference. According to him, the negative impact on the global economy is increasing due to the accelerated energy transition. My delegation is heading there tomorrow.

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