King Chip – If I Die Today Lyrics (feat. Scarface, Papa Reu & MJG)

[Verse 1: Scarface]
If I die today
Bury me face down, f**k it
Tell the whole world to kiss my ass and post it
I ain’t feared nothing, ain’t shit for discussion
All my enemies I’ll meet in hell when I touch it
Yo mama, I’m good now, nothing left to cry for
All I ever had I gave so nothing’s left to die for
Eye for an eye or necks full of bloodshed
I heard the gunshots yet I am not dead
And I am not scared, what’s on the other side? You big, but do you really think you bad now? [Hook] If I die today, shit, go and throw a party for it
Cause this little spot I got, I know somebody’s starving for it
And even though I know my family’s feelings are important
If I got to go, I’m in a blaze, I’m a do it, tell my momma I was sorry for it
This is not a story, this a page in my obituary
Closed casket, go and get my picture ready
If I die today I’ll leave a not in my pocket saying
Get your hands out my pockets, nigga, I ain’t playing! That remains for me to see, now motherf**ker die
That’s why I shot again plus this was not my friend
And you can never underestimate the hearts of men
Please forgive me father, God, for I have sinned
The poster child for those who’d fallen because I am him
The voice for every ghetto boy cause I am him
So if I die today f**k the world, play the violin
If I die today, done paid my dues
Lot of them try but can’t walk in my shoes
If I die today, I know that I was a G
No matter how you try, boy, you can’t be me
If I die today, straight up general in the street
Respect the G code and they respecting me
If I die today I will be happy
[Verse 2: King Chip]
King Chip already die before I flatlined in Georgia, ho
Asthma attack bout 10 years old, they caught that in time but we said no
Told them shot me one more time, one more time was all it took
Niggas tried to play me my whole life but King Chip is living, look
I pay all my momma bills, that’s what real kings do
I’m independent and free, bitch nigga, I don’t need you
If I die and die tonight my son is gonna get some checks
Niggas who try to hate on me will all of a sudden pay respect
f**k the world eternally, y’all lied to me about the Lord
What the f**k am I supposed to believe, go ahead and pour the core
Dull nigga I ain’t never tell you no f**k, King Chip ain’t wrapped too tight
Safe land niggas don’t travel the world well my own thugs, I take them flights
Stayed up so many nights thinking about why the f**k I’m here
Maybe it’s to show the world that King Chip is up in here
‘Fore I die I ask the world worship my son
I ain’t gonna let y’all have the pleasure of killing their king, bitch, give me that gun
[Verse 3: MJG]
If I die today, oh f**k it, just party slamming
Into the dirt, my next concert just hologram me
I’m pimp tight, MJ if I die now
Don’t stop hustling, don’t let it bring your high down
If I die today then bury me inside the liquor store
Then make sure you bury me with at least a fifth or more
I’m happy, boy, do I look like I’m sad now?

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