John Trudell – One Journey Lyrics

Moths and other sacred wings
Butterflies and bees whisper
In breath of the wind
Blessed ways blessing way things
Dreams are the mind’s stream
Thought pictures of the spirit
There are dreams of the day
There are dreams of the night
Thinking and dreaming are related
Dreams of the day we make our own
Dreams of the night part of eternal’s stone
There are dream takers
Taking from the dream world’s
Taking dreams as a war of
Stealing thoughts
Turning minds inside then out
Dream slavers want to change
Our connections to ourselves
Mess with our dreams make us unsure
Unclear about right and wrong
Feed our dreams and instincts
To industrial profit machine
Difference between
Dream and fantasy
Reality and illusion
Center and not center
Dreams of the day keep our spirit alive
Our creative mind who we really are
With dreams we can create and heal
Follow our original purpose
Dreams are protection
Good medicine
Blessed way blessed way things
Sun and moon continue
We are all on one journey

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