Jay-Z – Moonlight Lyrics

Stop walkin’ ’round like ya’ll made “Thriller,” huh? Fake Dracos all in the videos
We sure, we shoot ’em in my city, though
I don’t post no threats on the internet
I just pose a threat, blame Lenny S for that
I don’t be on the ‘Gram goin’ ham
Givin’ information to the pork, that’s all spam
Please don’t talk about guns
That you ain’t never gon’ use
Ya’ll always tell on ya’ll self
I’m just so f**king confused Glorified seat filler, huh? Bathing Ape maybe not a gorilla, huh? JAY-ZMoonlight Lyrics
Yeah, got Lil Cos up here with me
Yeah, yeah
We stuck in La La Land
Even when we win, we gon’ lose
We got the same f**kin’ flows
I don’t know who is who
We got the same f**kin’ watch
She don’t got time to choose
We stuck in La La Land
We got the same f**kin’ moves
Ya’ll f**k the same f**kin’ chicks
I’m in the skrt with ya—yeah, right
I’m the skrt with ya—cool story
I’m on the ch—’nough of this
Look, I know killers, you no killer, huh?

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