JAY-Z Drops Three Bonus Tracks For 4:44 On TIDAL

Everyone is wondering why wasn’t this song included on the album in the first place after being the first ever glimpse of the album last month. One of the single we did already knew was coming and that’s “Adnis” a dedication to his late father Adnis Reeves. But Hov is very calculated when he does things so perhaps this is a marketing ply to keep the album fresh. The other two bonus singles are “MaNyfaCedGod” and “Blue’s Freestyle / We Family” So far they are only available for TIDAL subscribers but will likely be on Apple Music in the coming days, hopefully not weeks. JAY-Z also released a short film for the single “Adnis” this week on TIDAL. JAY-Z felt like treating his fans to some new music even after his new album 4:44 is still popping. The rap legend drops three new bonus tracks for the album on TIDAL today and if you haven’t heard them yet then you need to asap.

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