Jay-Z – Caught Their Eyes Lyrics

JAY-ZCaught Their Eyes Lyrics
Ready for it
I’m ready for it
East-side nigga
With that “[?] saw”
Talking about that “he saw” nigga
With that “we saw” nigga
With that “he saw”
God dance, uh
Your eyes speak the truth with everything else, stars
They pretend we can but the vibes don’t fly
I survived reading guys like you
I’m surprised y’all think you can disguise y’all truths
I seen eyes wide as they about to shoot
You can be a hairpin off and you can trigger your roots
I wave to these haters, don’t give me dap
You know the world can see how phony you act, bruh
Y’all body language is all remedial
How could you see the difference between you and I
My crash course was much tougher
Around friends who kill they friends then hug their friends’ mothers
And show up at the funeral, complete with blank stares
Invisible ink, I had to read things that wasn’t there
Memories may sneak down my cheek
But I could see a side eye in my sleep

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