Go Find – Over The Edge Lyrics

GO FINDOver The Edge Lyrics
I don’t think I let you down,
I see the doubt in your eyes,
I take you out by surprise,
There is no doubt in your eyes,
All you know,
Is what you see? I know I know you speak in different tongues
But I don’t care, I long for more,
I hear a difference in your voice,
But I don’t mind,
From time to time
I see the doubt in your eyes,
I know I know you won’t be mine,
And all I want is all you need
And all you need is what you see
All you want is what you hear
You never guess,
Guess for me
All I need is what you give
You won’t be sad,
If you let it go. And what you do,
You do to me,
And all you say is over the edge,
And all you want in your eyes,
I feel the blood rush through my veins,
The love I stole from your lips,
I feel, I feel, I feel, I I I feel…..

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