Fruupp – Prince Of Darkness Lyrics

Hey, young boy, come ride with me
And I will show you wonders of a fairy dream
Now harken you all to what I say
“Cause I can brighten up your lonely, lonely day
Day and night, I’m always right
And I can understand you’re in a terrible fright
Now come along, and don’t be shy, to the underworld
And I will show you secrets that haven’t been unfurled
And all my friends will dance and sing
Along the wings of love, of love
We all bend up and down we go
Dancing with the witches in a fantasy show
We’ll see the fairies and the goblins too
Dancing around in their high-heeled, high heeled shoes
Don’t go under that tree or you will see
Bad luck and misfortune will come to be
Now I tell you, follow me now before the clock strikes twelve
Or you will find yourself turning into an elf
And all your friends will laugh and say
What’s happened to you
You changed, he’s changed
Dingle dow, dingle dell
Watch out for the Prince of Darkness
Or he’ll take you to hell
Now harken you all to what I say
“Cause he can brighten up you’re lonely, lonely day

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