Fortes – Float Through Walls Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Suicidal, my white life don’t matter, f**k you hoes made me go over data, bitches getting bitter but they also getting badder, mac daddy soprano if I want her I can have her, you want the spotlight I prefer the shadows, I was rich way before I ever had dough, when I ain’t have a penny to my name, almost famous, overdosed like Pennylane, never change, it’s embedded in my brain, I never could, I’ll forever be the same, I’m getting good, dealing better with the pain, me and SP in LA on every single strain
(Verse 2)
Life ain’t good I just appreciate it more, got perspective by sleeping on the floor, don’t ask me bout my vices and what they cost monthly, just meet the plug I had to drive cross country, I would never smoke with y’all, been with the Ghost so long now I can float through walls, I go through trees like I’m zip-lining, I always made beats, always been rhyming, everything is everything, intertwining, it’s gold to find the silver lining, shit on my mind and I try to ignore it, things I can’t say that’s why I record it, I would get a shrink if I could afford it, talking to a mic until five in the morning

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