Durov appreciated the idea of ​​the Central Bank to ban cryptocurrency in Russia

Истoчник aif.ru The ban of the Central Bank of Russia on the issuance, mining and circulation of cryptocurrency in the country will entail an outflow of IT specialists from the Russian Federation and the destruction of some sectors of the high-tech economy. This opinion was expressed by Telegram founder Pavel Durov in his messenger channel. Such a ban inevitably slows down the development of blockchain technologies in general, which increase the efficiency and safety of many types of human activity, Durov emphasized. According to the regulator, cryptocurrencies are in many ways similar to financial pyramids. Durov believes that a total ban on cryptocurrencies “will hardly stop unscrupulous players, but will put an end to legal Russian projects in this area.”
Recall that on January 20, the Central Bank of Russia proposed mining and circulation of cryptocurrencies. will balance the distribution of forces in the international financial system. In his opinion, no developed country prohibits cryptocurrencies.

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