Dl Incognito – Live In My Element Lyrics

Yeah! [Hook]
Ladies and Gentlemen
I’m in my element
Tonight’s main event
So play this track again
[Verse 2: DL Incognito]
You see me, the MC
Jam, you better run
A master on the MP-C
The carries him
Old school like Philly blunts
Gold chains and gold fronts
Mixed like fruit punch
Spit fire like plenty guns
Stay high like helium
Cause I’ve been at my lowest
I’m back just to to approach this
More determined and focused
Take on the pressure that’s thrown
And stick it on my shoulders
I got a country to carry
I’ll show you it’s not hopeless
I battled personal issues
But still I carried on
My brother got my mother’s tattoo
Up on his arm
A portrait of her so lifelike
I feel her charm
We will always remember
Through us you livin’ on
I wrote this song
Cause I stay on my hustle
Success lies in struggle
Could never burst my bubble
I might stumble, hit road block
But never fall
I missed a couple bars
Blame it on alcohol
Too many try to ball
Lost the focus of music
Me, I will never lose it
DL is not a Judas
I drop the purest form audio cocaína
And got a clientele that, will, fill a whole arena
Yeah! Got ninety-nine
Problems, the bitch ain’t one
But paying rent is
I tour [for] the first of the month
Damn, I’m short again
Hoping the pen will keep me
From getting bounced evicted
Got more fans than the average
But still ain’t got no riches
Come to your town
With the big sound and big city slickers
I see the big picture
Like vector files on buildings
I rap deep like fillings
Once I caught feelings
Why pretend never again
My heart is healing
I sell a thousand units
I know they’re worth millions
I’m a product of Hip Hop
And so will be my children. [Verse 1: DL Incognito]
DL Incognito friend
Live In My Element
I bring it to many men
Dusty, raw and elegant
I create the trend you follow
Fly like [at] the Apollo
Rappers come in tracks
Rap flat, like super models
Hit harder than Delgado
A tough pill to swallow
They try to keep me at bay
I bust through like bottles
I’m no Vatos Locos
Don’t want no part of that beef
Don’t want my body stitched up, son
Like leather car seats
I never had an off week
I’m steady on the grind
An underground superhero? [Hook]
Ladies and Gentlemen
I’m in my element
Tonight’s main event
So play this track again
Tonight’s main event (event)
So play this track again (again)
Tonight’s main event (event)
Ladies and Gentlemen (men)
Tonight’s main event (event)
So play this track again (again)

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